Supernatural Season 10 – A whole new level of asshole

果然是個會令人生氣的傢伙…Supernatural 第十季預告片

The scene is Dean confronting Sam for the first time since becoming a demon (so they won’t see each other again until episode 10.03, folks). Sam talks about hating demons, Dean says “I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice.” Dean has made it back into the Men of Letters bunkers and tells Sam that he knows what he did trying to find him, so which one of them is “really the monster?”. The two are fighting each other in one of the bunker halls after Dean stalks his brother with an axe.

— from Supernatural Comic-Con Panel: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard & Jeremy Carver Tease Season 10

這個預告片裡面是 Sam 第一次見到 Demon Dean 之後發生的事情,據說是 10×03。雖然說之前就已經有心理準備,但是真的看到以後還是很想衝上去抱住 Sam 把 Dean 一腳踹開。

聽說 Demon Dean 的混蛋程度連 Crowley 這種見過世面的都無法招架。



Castiel is going to help get Dean “patched up," or at least he will try early on in season 10. “He’s more concerned about that than recovering his own powers," says Misha Collins as his character gets weaker and is fading.(這個 Castiel 真的是癡心無悔一輩子都學不乖)

Misha jokes he’s trying to prepare a “cease and desist package" to stop Constantine from NBC’s new show with the same title from looking too much like Cas. Even though they based Cas’ look on John Constantine. (其實我比較希望 Misha 以 Castiel 的身份去 Constantine,說不定我們有機會改成 ship Castiel 跟 Constantine)

— from ‘Supernatural’ at Comic-Con 2014: Demon Dean’s Struggle, 200th Episode and Man Tears

清楚很多的 gag reel 也出來了,我覺得最爆笑的就是 Castiel 打噴嚏結果 Crowley 跟他說 bless you。(笑翻)


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