‘Supernatural’ Season 10 scoop: Jared Padalecki spills about Sam’s hunt for Demon Dean

Jared 好反常地透露出很多消息,不過沒有一件事情跟 Castiel 有關。這樣也好,請不要訪問他們任何有關於 Castiel 的消息可以讓影迷心情比較平靜(笑)。

第十季呢,基本上就是 Sam 努力拯救 Demon Dean 的故事,如果是只有他一個人拯救 Dean,應該是很讓人昏昏欲睡的劇情,從第三季演到現在我們都看過幾次了,如果還是這種老梗也不能怪我感到想睡。

Zap2it: Where do we find Sam at the beginning of Season 10?

Jared Padalecki: With his head up his a**. [laughs] No. When Sam went down to summon Crowley to get his brother back at the end of Season 9, he returned to Dean’s room to find his brother gone. Since Sam didn’t get a chance to see the episode, he didn’t know that Crowley was in there or that Dean woke up a demon. So Sam starts out not having any idea that his brother is a demon. True to the Winchester form, he’s going to go through hell and high water to try to get his brother back, wherever his brother is. He doesn’t know if he’s been taken, or vanished, but he has his suspicions. Sam starts out with the same commitment to bring his brother back that he ended with in Season 9, when he was telling Dean, “Stay with me, I’m not going to let you go, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this." Obviously, he didn’t, but he’s still going to try and keep his promise.

— from ‘Supernatural’ Season 10 scoop: Jared Padalecki spills about Sam’s hunt for Demon Dean


第十季一開始 Sam 就發現 Dean 的屍體居然不翼而飛,當然 Crowley 也不可能還留在那裡等著被抓包,當然是帶著 Demon Dean 四處去嚎叫了。Sam 完全沒有概念更沒有想到他哥哥會變成 Demon,不過他就是一心想要把 Dean 找回來。

So how would you compare the tone of the Season 10 premiere to the Season 9 finale?

The tone of the Season 10 premiere, we definitely hit the ground running. We’ll see Sam already several months into his search for his brother. It starts out very action-y. Sam will not accept ‘no’ for an answer in figuring out what happened to his brother. It will kind of be like the first couple of seasons, with Sam acting as a fed or a police officer, a doctor or dentist or whatever, to try to almost solve a case. It’s a missing person thing. So the energy of the season premiere is very high-paced, more of a thriller, action, than emotional.

— from ‘Supernatural’ Season 10 scoop: Jared Padalecki spills about Sam’s hunt for Demon Dean

第十季第一集的時候我們會看到 Sam 四處奔走獨自辦案好幾個月尋找 Dean 並且試圖釐清他老哥到底發生什麼事,感覺這個狀況應該會持續個幾集吧!顯然 Castiel 是繼續活在平行世界歪在路旁奄奄一息的感覺,我說你到底有沒有從那些天使軍團手中收到 Dean 變成 Demon 的消息啊?





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