Cas, why don’t you just tell Dean?

Dean, Benny, and Castiel
Dean, Benny, and Castiel


What we have yet to see, of course, is the way that Purgatory impacted Dean’s relationship with Castiel, who was his only ally in the warzone when they first arrived. We know very little about what happened between those two men after they reunited. The one thing we can be sure of is that it didn’t end well. Jensen can’t offer too much insight for fear of giving too much away, but he did reveal that there’s something Castiel has been hiding from Dean.

“I will say that what I do know is that Cas is going through something that he’s not telling Dean," Jensen teases. “He’s going through something on a personal level, with himself and his own journey through Purgatory, that Dean is unaware of."

That’ll be explored more thoroughly in Episode 8, but in the meantime, we turned to Misha Collins for a little bit of elaboration on Castiel’s mindset. Like Jensen, he can’t say a whole lot. “Dean was hell-bent on getting the hell out of Purgatory, whereas Cas, I think, to a certain extent, felt so burdened with guilt that he felt like he was paying penance there," Misha tells us. “He felt that he almost deserved it."

— from ‘Supernatural’: Jensen Ackles previews pirate vampires, plus what Castiel is hiding from Dean

根據 Jensen 的說法,Castiel 有些事情瞞著 Dean,包括他離開 Dean 獨自在煉獄所經歷的一些事情。而 Castiel 的內心變化,一直要第八集才會剖析出 Castiel 的內心世界。Castiel 的內疚,內心的煎熬,複雜的情緒跟始終說不出口的想法。他還是認為,自己是罪有應得。

不過我自己覺得,與其說他是在瞞著 Dean 不誠實,不如說是有話說不出口。Castiel 本來就是個很不會說話的人,但是無論如何,Dean 永遠都是他最在乎的人,甚至比自己的性命還要重要,我想 Dean 自己也很清楚 Castiel 的心情,所以這個部分我還真是一點也不擔心。

Misha recently told us that Cas is fairly jealous of Benny and Dean’s relationship, and Benny didn’t seem thrilled about Castiel tagging along with them in Purgatory — can you expand on their relationship a little more?

Yes, I’ve been describing it as a third wheel kind of thing. Benny and Dean have been in this intense bonding situation and then Castiel shows up and I have a lot of doubt about his motives and his honesty and his reliability and so, Benny really doesn’t care for him that much. And he’s probably right that’s there’s some jealousy there and I think that’s the kind of thing Benny would kind of snicker and laugh at. I don’t think Benny feels threatened by Castiel at all, other than the problems he represented in Purgatory.

— from ‘Supernatural’s’ Ty Olsson On Benny’s Evolution, Friction With Sam And Castiel And More



對「Cas, why don’t you just tell Dean?」的想法

  1. 插播一則題外話,前兩天Jensen 和Jared 辦了一場影友會,有幾個影迷在網路上寫下影友會的事,當中有提到一些關於Misha的事:

    Jared says Pelligrino is boxer & so is Cohen. Basically all but Misha are fighters

    Wrestling talk! Jensen still calls it “fight training". Misha’s elbow popped twice. Jared: “Misha is known as the victim during wrestling." Jensen told Misha that when his elbow pops he should tap out. Misha: “That’s good to know."



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