101 reasons to love Dean & Castiel


最近,似乎很容易為了這種事情掉眼淚,是因為多愁善感的秋天到了嗎?今天的 Palo Alto 好寒冷啊~不過餐廳裡的大叔服務生好到讓我們的心頭都暖了起來,如果沒事明天再光顧一次吧!

  1. Castiel is the one who saved Dean from hell
  2. Dean makes Cas smile
  3. Castiel makes Dean laugh
  4. Dean gave Cas his nickname
  5. Cas waited an entire night on the street for Dean
  6. They share a more profound bond
  7. Even in 2014, they are still together
  8. Castiel helped Dean, even when he wasn’t allowed
  9. Castiel understands Dean
  10. Even when Sam doesn’t
  11. Castiel likes Dean
  12. As well as Past!Dean
  13. Dean knows Castiel
  14. Castiel always heals Dean
  15. Dean is not going to let Cas die a virgin
  16. Castiel was getting too close to Dean
  17. Dean made Castiel rebel against heaven
  18. And Cas did it all of it for Dean
  19. Castiel worries about Dean
  20. Dean worries about Castiel
  21. And looks after him
  22. Even when it’s just his vessel
  23. They’ve been through much together
  24. Castiel comforts Dean
  25. They communicate without words
  26. aka have an usual high amoutn of eye-sex
  27. Castiel died for Dean
  28. Twice
  29. Balthazar ships Destiel “You must have me confused”
  30. And Meg “He was your boyfriend”
  31. And even Dean himself “Last time”
  32. Castiel made Dean pray
  33. They like to phone
  34. Even when they are standing right in front of each other
  35. They spent Valentine’s Day together
  36. Castiel tells Dean his inner most thoughts
  37. Dean confesses his fears to Castiel
  38. Castiel appeared in Dean’s dreams
  39. Twice
  40. They talked about personal space
  41. Dean always watches Castiel
  42. Castiel always watches Dean
  43. Even when he doesn’t know he’s there
  44. Or when he’s sleeping
  45. Cas likes to drive shotgun in the Impala
  46. Or sleep in the back
  47. They have a lot in common
  48. They both love burgers
  49. They both have difficult relationships with their fathers
  50. They both did things they regret
  51. Castiel is there for Dean
  52. Dean is there for Castiel
  53. Dean kept the trench coat
  54. And gave it back to Cas when he returned
  55. Dean is loyal to Cas, even in times of doubt
  56. Castiel is one of the best friends Dean’s ever had
  57. Dean wanted Jesse to turn Castiel back
  58. And defended him
  59. Castiel teaches Dean about angels
  60. Dean teaches Castiel about humans
  61. Castiel is like a brother to Dean
  62. They are like family
  63. Castiel thinks so too
  64. Dean wants Castiel to fix it
  65. Because he never stopped wanting to fix it either
  66. Dean hesitated to leave Castiel alone
  67. They finish each other’s sentences
  68. More than once
  69. Castiel protected Dean from Alaistair
  70. From Crowley
  71. From Fate
  72. From Dick
  73. Even from himself
  74. Castiel considers himself Dean’s guardian
  75. He even puts Dean’s safety above himself
  76. Dean saved Castiel
  77. Twice
  78. Castiel saved Dean
  79. More than once
  80. Even when they are fighting
  81. Castiel healed Lisa
  82. Even though they were fighting
  83. Castiel would give anything not to have Dean torture again
  84. Castiel saved Sam from the cage for Dean
  85. Dean doesn’t want Castiel to change
  86. Castiel comes with him, even though they are probably going to die
  87. Dean defended Castiel
  88. Castiel apologized to Dean after he doubted him
  89. And when he realized he was wrong
  90. Dean wants Castiel to look for his father
  91. Dean gave his necklace to Castiel
  92. They carry each other
  93. It wasn’t broken
  94. Dean knows Cas is there
  95. Before he even sees him
  96. They have hearbreaking parallels
  97. Dean doesn’t want to lose Castiel too
  98. Castiel would rather be with Dean
  99. Dean would rather have Castiel
  100. Cursed or not
  101. They are perfect

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