The trench coat scene.

Dean 你隨身帶著 Castie 的 trench coat 就是為了等待這一天的到來吧?
Dean 你隨身帶著 Castie 的 trench coat 就是為了等待這一天的到來吧?

又要來講這一幕了,其實是因為最近 Jensen 跟 Misha 有說到這個 Scene,看來這個場景在拍攝的時候有發生過一些有趣又暫時不為人知的內幕。

其實這一幕大家都還蠻關心的,倒不是因為他多感人還是怎樣,而是他裡面有太多有趣的梗,包括一直延續到後面,好讓 Castiel 順理成章的繼續穿著他的招牌 trench coat,然後也順便把當時 Jensen 那個遺孀動作背後的情感一路帶出來。

我想 Sera 對這兩個角色一直都有很長的安排,她也花很長的時間去醞釀很多的事情,可是我還是比較享受他們之間細水長流的情感與羈絆,更何況其實 Dean 這個人,在情感這方面一直都急不得,他不是那種會很快投下許多真感情的人,他也是個需要很長時間才能夠慢慢釐清自己情感的人。所以現在聽了他們講的一些話,就深深覺得,慢慢來還是比較好一點~(笑)

Supernatural JIB Convention: Jared, Jensen, Sebastian, Misha’s Resume, Richard & More (Photos)

The Trench Coat Scene Redux

During day 2, both Jensen and Misha mentioned they thought the scene from episode 7.17 where Dean gave Castiel his coat back was a little ridiculous. But a fan brought up the scene again today during their panels again today. Jensen said: “Misha and Bob Singer, who was directing that episode, we were crying-laughing at how ridiculous it was that I had his jacket nicely folded in the trunk of the car…and not even the Impala, but a stolen car. There was no reason for the jacket to be in the trunk of that car. And Bob was like ‘just do it, alright?!’ Then we started saying the dialogue out loud and it…it was so bad. There was a line [Misha] said that he couldn’t get out because it was so ridiculous, so we changed it. [The trench coat] was so perfectly folded with the tie and the collar and Bob’s like ‘can you present it so we can see what it is’ and I was like ‘no! No, I can’t!’ Know that we have problems shooting scenes sometimes."

Later, during the joint panel, Jensen explained that the line was “so out of character", they couldn’t get it out. The dialogue would have basically indicated that Dean petted the coat. They had to completely change it. “We asked ourselves how we could have changed it around to make it more believable for these characters." They think that two men probably wouldn’t have gone on like the conversation did.

When one fan asked whether Dean has forgiven Castiel for breaking the wall in Sam’s head, Jensen replied “No." Will it happen? “Not this year. Maybe next year."

希望這一段會收錄在 gag reel 裡面,我已經可以想見 Dean 從後車廂拿出一件折得整整齊齊的 trench coat 出來,上面居然還有領帶(是要幹嘛!?難不成 Dean 還特別去買一條跟 Castiel 用的一模一樣的領帶回來搭嗎!?),結果站在他眼前的 Misha 跟一旁的 Bob Singer 卻爆出一陣大笑的可笑畫面(我看到應該也是大爆笑)。不過沒想到 Bob 還是堅持要 Jensen 給他演下去,我開始嚴重懷疑他的目的是要 gag reel 的素材(大笑)。

據說 Dean 原來那句台詞是:I guess I really hoped you would come back one day 因為太噁了讓 Jensen 很無言,所以幾經討論之後改成 Part of me always believed that you’d come back.;至於 Misha 那句說不出口的台詞究竟是甚麼,我也很好奇,居然連他都說不出口,應該是超搞笑的台詞吧!




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