Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles

雖然在 Supernatural 當中,Castiel 跟 Dean 感情很好,不過離開這部戲,Misha 跟 Jensen 倒是沒有那麼多有趣的互動,有趣的互動差不多都已經被剪接到下面這個影片當中了。但因為我自己很喜歡他們戲裡戲外的互動方式,所以還是想要寫這篇文章。

影片一開始有 Misha 和 Jensen 在講話,其實下面這段才是他們原來的訪問內容。我說這兩個大男人真的很可愛吧~<3<3<3

Who Jensen wants to be in another universe?

Jensen: I would have to say, Misha Collins. He’s never working. It would be nice to be him one day and know what it’s like to have a job and never have to come to work. I love you, Misha. I mean, honestly, from the bottom of my heart that I say that. But seriously, it’s messed up.

Misha: We’re in the same wardrobe trailer and he’s seen me naked. Mostly, what he’s getting at is that he wants to have a body like mine. And that’s understandable.

雖然 Sam 跟 Sebastian 在和 Misha 同台的時候常有高潮迭起的激情互動,不過我個人更喜歡琢磨 Misha 跟 Jensen 同台時那種若有似無如同山藥或秋葵切開時那牽絲般的溫柔互動。

看兩個漂亮的大男生在台上有那麼多眼神跟那麼多小動作實在是一件很有樂趣的事情。而且我得誠實的說,Misha 你真的好漂亮!!你這傢伙也未免漂亮得太超過了點…


大部分的情況下,Misha 跟 Sebastian 可以說是最熱情如火的組合(笑);然後跟 Jared 則是瘋狂搞笑的組合;但是跟 Jensen 可以說是最 … 斯文清純的組合(啥)。

Come on,承認吧!你看過這兩個人抱到把腳跨上來的嗎(笑)?

不過正因為他們總是有點曖昧的帶著笑互相看著,才會讓很多 Fans 更加瘋狂喜愛,只要他們一句話、一個眼神、一個小動作,就可以讓 Fans 在下面瘋狂尖叫。這就是 Misha 跟 Jensen 兩人一搭一唱時的特殊魅力啊!

下面是網友整理出來關於 Misha & Jensen 的有趣對話和互動,有興趣的人可以到延伸閱讀的地方看完整版,我只整理自己喜歡的部分放進這篇文章。希望 Castiel 回來 Supernatural 之後可以再看到他們更多的互動。

Again, 他們真的是超級可愛的!!!

AHBL1 Con, Sydney 2009


Jensen: (waving to Misha) I couldn’t see you for a while. I got a little nervous.
Misha: That was hard.
Jensen: It was.
Misha: It was like being in the water without a life jacket. Scary.
Jared: What is?
Misha: Just not being able to see him.
Jared: (can’t stop laughing) I’ll let you know he’s there. He’s still there, he’s still there.
Misha: Is he there?
Jared: He’s there.

Shag/Marry/Kill: Dean, Sam, Cas


Misha: Well, I’ve always wanted to fuck myself. If that is what you mean by shag—we’re not talking about the carpeting? You know what? I’m looking at the poster, “Who do I really want to grow old with?”. You know—what’s that? Jared’s younger, he’s gonna last longer? But he’s so tall, and people that tall tend to die younger, coz their heart’s not gonna hold out—I’m sorry to say. This is tough. Well, I don’t know! They’re both good in bed. You know, Jensen makes a mean crepe, and Jared’s handy with the washing machine. Oh but they’re Sam and Dean. I’m confusing them. Well, judging from where this season is going this year, I’m gonna go for marrying Dean, and killing Sam.

VanCon 2010: Jared & Jensen


Fan: Yesterday, Misha said if he had to choose [in fuck marry kill], he would marry Jensen and kill Jared.(Jared 整個笑翻,然後實際上 Misha 說的是他會 marry Dean and kill Sam,請參考前一個 Video)
Jensen: And never were wiser words spoken.
Fan: What do you guys think about that?
Jared: I think he’s got it coming to him. I think that might’ve been the biggest mistake he’s ever made. With all due respect, I wouldn’t wanna marry him either.





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